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What are Protex wipes?

Protex are one-step medical grade wipes for fast and effective cleaning and disinfection of hard surfaces. The unique formulation cuts through grease and grime, whilst also killing 99.9% of all germs on the treated surface.

Protex are proven to be bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal and are effective against MRSA, C.Diff, E.Coli and Norovirus to name but a few. Protex are highly effective against odour causing bacteria, so you can be sure the surfaces are not only sanitised but deodorised as you wipe.

With all these features you would imaging Protex is full of hazardous chemicals, but in fact Protex is 100% bleach, solvent and alcohol free. The fluid is completely biodegradable.

Where can Protex be used?

Protex has such varied attributes that it is suitable for many tasks. Its ability to cut through contamination whilst killing 99.9% of germs makes Protex the ideal choice for cleaning and sanitising surfaces and equipment in medical environments, dental and veterinary surgeries and catering facilities. Whether it’s a doctor sanitising a stethoscope or a process operative wiping down stainless steel in a food manufacturing facility, with Protex you can be confident that you’ll get optimum results with minimal effort.













Having superb deodorising capabilities as it cleans Protex naturally lends itself to jobs where odours are an issue. Cleaning out enclosures and sanitising surfaces at a zoo or working in waste disposal are just a few examples of where Protex can be extremely effective.

In large work places, schools, hospitals and other public areas cross contamination can become a serious problem. Effectively sanitising multi-use equipment is key to stopping the spread of harmful germs. Protex rapidly eliminates these nasties from telephones, heat sets, keyboards, desks, sinks, taps and door handles preventing you, your colleagues, friends and family from contacting these harmful contaminants.

What is the science behind Protex?

The chemical structure of Protex

The unique Protex fluid is made up of specialist quaternary ammonium compounds, or quats. Quats are ammonium compounds, with four organic groups linked to a nitrogen atom. Different quats have different kill ranges; Protex utilises a number of quats to fulfil the full spectrum of kills required.

BacOff Antibacterial technology

Quats have a strong affinity for surfaces, which makes them powerful surfactants. They are absorbed on almost any surface resulting in the formation of a monolayer. This happens because most surfaces are negatively charged so attract the positively charged quats in the Protex fluid.

Once the monolayer has been formed the bactericidal action kicks in with the inactivation of energy producing enzymes, denaturing of proteins and disruption of cell membranes. The growth of new bacterial spores is also inhibited.

Inhibiting the growth of bacterial spores means that bacteria are not able to begin to metabolise organic matter and produce waste which can cause nasty odours. This is what gives Protex its deodorising properties.


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