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What are Dermex wipes?

Dermex wipes have been designed with simplicity in mind. The neutral liquid formulation with added Aloe Vera is perfect for all types of sensitive skin. From children in nursery, patients in busy hospitals, to the elderly in residential homes.

Depending on the application, Dermex wipes are available on a variety of materials. Super-soft non-woven fabrics for more delicate skin or stronger wipes with high tensile strength when a deeper cleansing is required. Individually dispensed for single use, Dermex help achieve safe working practices and greatly reduce the chances of cross infection.

Where can Dermex be used?

Dermex has become a staple product in many working environments. The wipes can be found at work in hospitals and care homes, as well as being used by home visit and private nursing organisations. When the use of bowls, towels, flannels and bottles of soap is not available, Dermex wipes can provide an excellent alternative to these traditional cleansing methods.

Kids can get themselves extremely messy and mucky. With Dermex at hand you can be sure they’ll be clean and fresh whatever they throw at you; whether it’s a messy meal time, a toilet training toddler or an energetic school pupil going in for lunch after playing in the school yard.













Dermex are ideal for use on the move. Travelling to work on public transport, jetting off to the sun on a jumbo jet or simply rambling in the great outdoors. For that moment when you’re feeling a bit ‘icky’ Dermex will help you feel fresh and ready to go.

The Dermex formulation is extremely versatile and can be subtly changed to enable the product to be used in many more areas, including make-up removal, washrooms and throughout the workplace.

What is the science behind Dermex?

Dermex has a unique TriAction process. Cleanse. Nourish. Refresh.


Dermex has a water based formula, so the majority of the general grime that contaminates our skin throughout the day is simply removed by this water, because it’s water soluble. But what about the oils, grease and tough dirt that are not water soluble and cling tenaciously to our skin? This is when Dermex excels. It has a powerful, but skin safe ingredient whose molecules bind with the molecules of the grime as you work a lather with the wipe. Once these bonds have been made, the soap, along with the molecules of the contaminant all leave the skins surface as one, leaving you and your skin fresh and ready to get on with your day.


Dermex has added vitamin E and Aloe Vera, known for their unique properties which help moisturise, nourish and refresh the skin. As Dermex cleanses it leaves behind Vitamin E and Aloe Vera deposits which can help to reduce wrinkles and keep your skin supple.


Dermex wipes are infused with an invigorating fragrance to leave your skin feeling and smelling beautifully fresh. When you feel fresh and clean, it’ll put a spring back in your step whatever the job you have ahead.


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